Awesome Brighton Project

JavaScript app built using google maps and wikipedia APIs illustrating the awesomeness that is Brighton

Image of first page visual of Awesome Brighton website also shown on mobile screen

The Brief

This JavaSript app was built as the final piece of coursework for my Udacity Front-End Development Nanodegree Program.

The Process

The site was designed to meet the course criteria whilst also showing off the awesomeness that is my home town of Brighton. The knockout framework was used with an MVVM development structure, and APIs integrated to create an source of information which would remain up to date by sourcing information from external vendors.

The Product

I am pleased with the final product and that it fulfilled the course criteria, however there are changes I would like to make. The site could benefit from further development coming from a user experience perspective, building in options for the user to select from, making the experience more user led rather than passively informative.

Image of Awesome Brighton full scroll from top to bottom of a single page

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